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Bigfoot Part Three

The Story Continues, and I'm fixing last weeks spelling error. Please comment if you like the comics. 

EDIT: Apparently there was a spelling error in this comic as well. I corrected it. 

I like comics!
Cattle mutilations! Yeah! Aw, the memories of drawing Squish comics in high school :)

So can't remember your reasons for doing the penciled look over a more finished one. Was it time? I'm doing pencils as well, mostly because I feel I have more control over the final look. Anyway, I'll add this to my favorites, lookin' good!
Mostly I find that there's life in rough drawings that just isn't there in cleaned up drawings.

I had a meeting last week, and I penciled Moo in the first half of the meeting, and Inked him in the last half.

I definitely liked the pencil version better.

Funny thing is, I had never seen anyone use pencils as inks when I started doing this. Then I read in Making Comics that some people were doing it.

It was a complete accident that I found a way to do it. I was adjusting a Pencil drawing that I had scanned and managed to get it looking like a rough ink drawing and decided to just go with it.
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