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Bigfoot Part Four

Terribly sorry for missing last week. I was attempting to dig my scanner and desktop computer out of the pile it was buried under. After I uncovered it, I attempted to scan on my windows 2000 computer using Microsoft Virtual PC running Windows 98 (my scanner is OLD and the newest working drivers are for 98) but I could not get the Virtual PC to recognize that the scanner was attached. I have since "inherited" my Dad's old scanner, and this is the first comic done using the "new" scanner. 

If anyone is a master of Virtual PC and has any insight into convincing it that I do indeed have a scanner attached, I would appreciate it. This "New" scanner is really great—but it is not Large Format, like the old one. (It's an LPT Scanner)

*Also, if the text is too small to read on your screen, clicking on the comic links to a larger copy.

I love where this story is going!
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